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Why I Love SiteGround and Why You Should Too

In the past, when there was a WordPress update, I had to go to the admin panel of my WordPress websites and manually run the updates. No longer!

Automagical Updates

SiteGround updates them automagically while I’m sleeping. It doesn’t get any better than that. And if for some obscure reason, I don’t want them to update, I can arrange with SiteGround for the update not to happen. But keeping your website running on the latest version of WordPress is key to keeping it secure, so if you think you don’t want the update because of some incompatibility issue, try and find a way to solve that and stay safe.

But there are other reasons I love SiteGround.

Wicked Fast

My websites load quickly and that is great for rankings. SiteGround uses SSD drives for all shared hosting plans. They use NGINX server technology. They have SuperCacher for all plans which is a caching mechanism built by SiteGround. They offer free Cloudflare CDN which makes your website load faster anywhere in the world with images loading from a server near your reader’s location. They have HTTP/2 enabled servers. This does require a encrypted connection but SiteGround offers free SSL certificates for this, something I plan to check out for all my sites.

Super Secure

The only truly secure system is probably one that is not connected to anything, turned off, not bootable and locked up in some vault somewhere. But SiteGround takes steps to keep all their customers as safe and secure as possible. They do pro-active server monitoring which prevents issues or fixes them quickly. They have their own backup systems which significantly reduce restore times. And their restore works, and works quickly, something I can personally attest to.

I have to admit that I did something stupid a while ago on one of my sites, one of those moments where I hit enter and then thought, ‘What did I just do????’ A restore was the quickest and easiest way to fix it and SiteGround came through while I was on the chat with them, fixing my bonehead move before too many readers even knew the site was broken.

They stop botnet based brute-force attacks in their tracks, blocking between 500,000 and 2 million brute-force attempts every hour. I used to see failed login attempts regularly but now, these are typically one-of and an anomaly.

They also isolate your account from your neighbour’s account, even on a shared server, a great comfort, because not everyone is keeping up with their WordPress updates and plugin updates out there.

Awesome Support

I can’t say enough good things about SiteGround’s support. When I was with my prior host, I dreaded having to contact their support. In fact, poor support (stupid support people actually) was why I left my old host. With SiteGround, I don’t hesitate to create a ticket when I need help. Even when one of my websites was suffering from the above mentioned self-inflicted wound, SiteGround support was awesome and professional and very knowledgeable. They also kindly did not agree with me when I told them how dumb I just was. Stuff happens, and I’m glad they had my back.

If you’re curious, read my post on Why I Chose SiteGround for Hosting.

Stay Tuned for Something Cool

I’m not giving anything away, but I understand that SiteGround has something really great coming for Black Friday so watch the banners on this site for a really great deal!


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