For a number of years now, the FTC has required that bloggers disclose whenever they receive free stuff for a review or whenever they promote affiliate products or include affiliate links in their posts. Although on the one hand, I agree that this is an ethical practice and one that I follow on moral grounds, on the other hand, legislating it seems to play against the right of free speech and the very fabric of the internet but those are the times we live in.

All the same, this blog does contain affiliate links. I am an affiliate marketer for Site Ground, my awesome website host, and my theme reviews may also contain affiliate links. When you purchase through those links, I get a small commission even through it doesn’t cost you any extra and that helps support this website.

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I have sometimes been asked to review a book and have been given a digital copy to read. When this happens, I will mention it, but my review will be my honest opinion, good or bad. Should I receive a print copy of a book someday, I will probably purchase the digital version of the book to read and give away the paper copy since I’m way past trying to read the small print in most print books and my shelves are overflowing.